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{en} born

{en} borrow

{en} boss

{en} both

{en} bother

{en} bothered

{en} bottle

{en} bottle opener

{en} bottom

{en} bottom of water

{en} Boucher River

{en} boulder

{en} bounce

{en} bound together

{en} bow

{en} bow tie

{en} bow-legged

{en} bowl

{en} box (n)

{en} box (v)

{en} boxer

{en} boy

{en} boyfriend

{en} bra

{en} bracelet

{en} bracken

{en} brag

{en} braid

{en} brain

{en} braise

{en} brake

{en} brambles

{en} branch (n)

{en} branch (v)

{en} brand

{en} brandish

{en} brant

{en} brave

{en} bread

{en} break (n)

{en} break (v)

{en} break apart

{en} break away

{en} break down

{en} break in two

{en} break off

{en} break through

{en} break up

{en} breakable

{en} breakdown