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{en} brush (v)

{en} brush against

{en} brush against a tree

{en} brush aside

{en} brush off

{en} brush teeth

{en} bubble

{en} buck teeth

{en} bucket

{en} buckle

{en} bud

{en} buffalo

{en} bug

{en} build (n)

{en} build (v)

{en} building

{en} bulge

{en} bull

{en} bullet

{en} bully

{en} bum

{en} bump (n) canoe bump, portage bump

{en} bump (v)

{en} bump into

{en} bump-shaped

{en} bumps

{en} bumpy

{en} bun

{en} bunch

{en} bunchberry

{en} bundle

{en} bundle up

{en} buoy

{en} burbot

{en} burden

{en} burgundy

{en} burial

{en} burn

{en} burn off

{en} burn up

{en} burner

{en} burning sensation

{en} burning smell

{en} burnt

{en} burnt-over

{en} burp

{en} burrow

{en} burst

{en} bury/buried

{en} bus