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{en} chop off

{en} choppy lake

{en} Christian brother

{en} Christine

{en} Christmas

{en} chubby

{en} chuckley pear

{en} church

{en} Churchill Falls

{en} Churchill River

{en} churned up

{en} Chute-aux-Outardes

{en} Chutes River

{en} ciborium

{en} cider

{en} cigar

{en} cigarette

{en} cinema

{en} circle of stones

{en} circle/circular

{en} circular route

{en} circular shape

{en} circulate

{en} cirrus cloud

{en} citizen

{en} city

{en} civil servant

{en} civilized

{en} claim

{en} clam

{en} clarify

{en} clarinet

{en} Clarke City

{en} classify

{en} clavicle

{en} claw

{en} claw(s)

{en} clay

{en} clean (a)

{en} clean (v)

{en} clear (a)

{en} clear (v)

{en} clear one's throat

{en} clear up

{en} clearing

{en} clearly

{en} cleft

{en} Clement

{en} clench

{en} clenched teeth