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{en} disapprove

{en} disarranged

{en} discernible

{en} discharge

{en} discipline

{en} discomfort

{en} disconcerted

{en} disconnect

{en} discontent

{en} discordant

{en} discount

{en} discourage

{en} discover

{en} discuss

{en} discussed

{en} discussion

{en} disdain

{en} disease

{en} disembowel

{en} disfigure

{en} disgrace

{en} disguise

{en} disgust

{en} disgusting

{en} dish

{en} dish rack

{en} dishevelled

{en} dishonest

{en} dishpan

{en} dishtowel

{en} dishwasher

{en} disinfect

{en} disintegrate

{en} disintegrated

{en} disjoint

{en} disk

{en} dislocate/dislocated

{en} dislodge

{en} dismantle

{en} dismember

{en} dismiss

{en} disobey

{en} disorder

{en} disorganized

{en} disoriented

{en} disperse

{en} display on view

{en} dispose of

{en} disposition

{en} disrespect