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{en} another colour

{en} another name

{en} another place

{en} Anse-des-Aulnes

{en} Anse-des-Aulnes Island

{en} answer back

{en} ant

{en} antenna

{en} Anticosti Island

{en} antique

{en} antler

{en} Antoine

{en} anus

{en} anxiety

{en} anxious

{en} anything/anyone

{en} anyway

{en} aorta

{en} apart break apart, come apart, cut apart, legs apart, take apart

{en} appear

{en} appearance

{en} appendix

{en} appetite

{en} appetizing

{en} applaud

{en} apple

{en} apply/applied

{en} appreciate

{en} apprehensive/apprehension

{en} approach

{en} appropriate

{en} approve

{en} approximately

{en} apricot

{en} April

{en} apron

{en} aquatic animal

{en} arch

{en} archangel

{en} arched

{en} Arctic

{en} arctic char

{en} arctic fox

{en} arctic hare

{en} area

{en} Argent River

{en} argue

{en} arm bare-armed

{en} arm (length)

{en} arm (size)