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{en} forty

{en} forty-ouncer

{en} forty-six

{en} forward lean forward, move forward

{en} foundation

{en} four

{en} four (in cards)

{en} four by four

{en} four days

{en} four hours

{en} four hundred

{en} four layers

{en} four miles

{en} four months

{en} four nights

{en} four thousand

{en} four years

{en} four-legged

{en} four-wheeler

{en} Fourmont Lake

{en} Fournier Lake

{en} fox

{en} fracture

{en} fragile

{en} frame snowshoe frame

{en} France

{en} Francheville Lake

{en} Francis

{en} François

{en} francophone

{en} Franquelin

{en} Franquelin River

{en} Fraser Lake

{en} fraudulent

{en} fray

{en} frayed

{en} frazil ice

{en} freckle

{en} free (a)

{en} free (v)

{en} free of ice

{en} Freemasons

{en} freeze frozen

{en} freeze to death

{en} freeze-dry

{en} freezer

{en} freezing cold

{en} freezing rain

{en} Frégate River

{en} French