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{en} girl

{en} girlfriend

{en} girth

{en} give

{en} give an animal

{en} give away

{en} give birth

{en} give off

{en} give up

{en} give way

{en} gizzard

{en} glance

{en} gland musk gland

{en} glass

{en} glasses

{en} gleam

{en} glide

{en} glimmer

{en} glimpse

{en} glint

{en} glisten

{en} gloomy

{en} glove

{en} glow

{en} glue (n)

{en} glue (v)

{en} gluey paste

{en} glutton

{en} gnaw

{en} go

{en} go after

{en} go along

{en} go around

{en} go away

{en} go back

{en} go by

{en} go down

{en} go get

{en} go in

{en} go off

{en} go out

{en} go over

{en} go past

{en} go round

{en} go to

{en} go to see

{en} go up

{en} go with

{en} go-between

{en} go-getter