Credits for the Lexicographic Content of the Innu Dictionary

Under the direction of
José Mailhot ♦ Marguerite MacKenzie
with the assistance of Will Oxford

Special advisor
Marie-Odile Junker

Editorial committee
José Mailhot ♦ Lynn Drapeau ♦ Yvette Mollen ♦ Hélène St-Onge
Anne-Marie André ♦ Marguerite MacKenzie ♦ Anne-Marie Baraby

Revision committee for La Romaine and Mingan dictionaries
José Mailhot ♦ Yvette Mollen ♦ Madeleine Menicapo ♦ Christine Kaltush ♦ Charlotte Bellefleur

Innu consultants
Thérèse-Adélaïde Bellefleur ♦ Jean-Baptiste Bellefleur ♦ Zacharie Bellefleur
Raphaël Mollen ♦ Anne-Marie André ♦ Kathleen Nuna ♦ Elizabeth (Tshaukuesh) Penashue
Judith Mestokosho ♦ Yvette Mollen ♦ Hélène St-Onge ♦ Mary Georgette Mistenapeo ♦ Pien Penashue

Contributions to the lexical database
Will Oxford ♦ Peter Armitage ♦ Philomène Jourdain

Véronique André ♦ Céline Bellefleur ♦ Janine Tremblay ♦ Suzanne Tshernish ♦ Jean-Baptiste Benjamin

Keywords for English-Innu and French-Innu versions
Laurel Anne Hasler (anglais) ♦ Anne-Marie Baraby (français)

Computer support
Delasie Torkornoo

See also the (2013) print version credits and acknowledgements