Academic Papers

Published in Cultural Diversity and Education: Interface Issues, edited by David F. Philpott, Wayne C. Nesbit, Mildred F. Cahill and Gary H. Jeffery, St. John’s, Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2004.
Reproduced with permission of Barbara Burnaby and the editors of the book.

Publication entitled North-West River (Sheshatshit) Montagnais: A Grammatical Sketch, by Sandra Clarke, Ottawa, National Museums of Canada, National Museum of Man, Mercury Series, Canadian Ethnology Service Paper No. 80, 1982, 185 pages.Reproduced with permission of Sandra Clarke and the Canadian Museum of Civilization ©



  • The Language of the Montagnais and Naskapi in Labrador
    Marguerite MacKenzie

In Harold Paddock. (ed.), Languages of Newfoundland and Labrador, 233-278. St. John’s, NL: Department of Linguistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland. (posted in chapters)