Here are some resources for teaching the Innu language.

Innu and English Structures 2010. By Marguerite MacKenzie, Julie Brittain and Laurel Anne Hasler. Innu Language Project, Linguistics Department, Memorial University. 48 pages.

How our Language Works (Tan eshi-pimipanit tshitaimunnan) 2006. By Yvette Mollen. Institut culturel et éducatif montagnais. 22 pages.

North-West River (Sheshâtshît) Montagnais: A Grammatical Sketch 1982. By Sandra Clarke. National Museums of Canada, National Museum of Man, mercury Series, Canadian Ethnology Service Paper NO. 80. 185 pages. (Reporduced with permission of Sandra Clarke and the Canadian Museum of Civilization ©

Grammaire de la langue innue (Innu Grammar; available in French only) 2014. By Lynn Drapeau. Presses de l’Université du Québec. 644 pages.