Innu-aimun Language Resource Credits / Générique des ressources de langue innue (2019)

In 2019, the website was redesigned and redeveloped to create an open-source, trilingual web site where teachers, students, translators, linguists, and anyone interested in the Innu language can go to access a wide range of resources in and about Innu, all in the same place. During this redevelopment, numerous improvements were made in terms of content and user experience.

Software Development & Architecture / Développement de logiciels & architecture

Delasie Torkornoo

Conception and Design / Conception et design

Marie-Odile Junker
Laurel Anne Hasler
Delasie Torkornoo

Project Directors / Directrices de projet

Marie-Odile Junker and Marguerite MacKenzie

Editor / Rédactrice

Laurel Anne Hasler (2019-present)

Funding by / Financement par

Algonquian Dictionaries Project (SSHRC, grant #435-2014-1199) Carleton University / Projet de dictionnaires algonquiens (CRSHC, subvention #435-2014-1199) Université Carleton

Copyright: Source Code / Droit d’auteur: Code source

Open-source, General Public Licence 3.0 (


Previous Credits / Générique passé (2005-2019)

Before 2019, several of these resources existed under different project websites.

The original website was created in 2005 as a project website under the auspices of the SSHRC-CURA project Knowledge and Human Resources for Innu Language Development, directed by Marguerite MacKenzie at Memorial University. The CURA project ended in 2010, but continued as the Innu Language Project in collaboration with Mamu Tshishkutamashutau – Innu Education and the Algonquian Dictionaries Project at Carleton University.

The online dictionary was developed by CURA Co-Director Marie-Odile Junker at Carleton University. (credits, générique)

In collaboration with Institut Tshakapesh and with funding mainly from Canadian Heritage, the following websites were developed, in both French and English, at Carleton University: