Kindergarten Social Studies Books

A set of 11 readers with photos of community members engaged in a range of activities. These books were originally created for the Social Studies Program in Newfoundland and Labrador in the Sheshatshiu dialect of Innu. They focus on: Identity, Roots, and Place. The Sheshatshiu-aimun (print) versions were published by the Department of Education (NL) in collaboration with the Innu Language Project at Memorial University in 2011.

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Food I Love

Mitshim eshi-uitshitaman

I Am Special

Nitishpitenitakushin nin

My Day

Anutshish e tutaman

Setting Up a Tent

E manukashunanut

Where I Come From

Ekute uetshian

A Far Away Friend

Iatassit utshiu nuitsheuakan

Building a Sweat Lodge

Tshimatakanu matutishanitshuap

Then and Now

Ueshkat kie anutshish

I Like to Travel

Niminuaten e papamipanian

Maps are Fun

Assiu-mashinaikana minuenitakuana

What I See

Tshekuan eshi-uapataman