Neka! Ashuapami! Mom! Wait for me!

The noun neka ‘Mom!’ in the above example (pronounced [ni:ka:] in Labrador Innu) is in the vocative. Compare this with the regular form nikaui. The vocative is a traditional grammatical form used when addressing someone. Here are some more examples:

Nouns with a vocative form
nutaui nuta! Dad!
nishim nishi! Little Brother or Little Sister!
nikanishat nikanishitikᵘ! My Dear Parents!
Nouns that take the clitic e after the noun:
Ńuish Ńuish e Louise!
nishtesh nishtesh e Older Brother!

For more information, consult Grammaire innue (Drapeau, 2014) pages 42-43.