Tshinipan. You are sleeping, you are asleep.

The Independent Indicative Present (#01) is used alone for things happening now, in the present tense, with a neutral modality.

The forms of conjugation #01 can combine with many preverbs, for example to indicate the future, the conditional, or to indicate modality (like want):

Future Conditional + want
Tshika nipan. Shash tshipa ui nipan.
You will sleep. You should already be asleep.

The personal prefix is always attached before the preverb. More than one preverb can be combined, for example the volitional preverb ui with the future -ka:

want Future + want
Nui nipan. Nika ui nipan.
I want to sleep. I will try to sleep.

Or the preverb tshi can with the future -ka:

Future + can
Tshika tshi uapamau a? Will you be able to see her/him?

More on preverbs

The third person of this form is the one used for the Innu Dictionary entries, for example: nipau s/he sleeps.

Link to the conjugation guide.