In verbs, person is marked by suffixes in all conjugations and by prefixes in the independent order.

nitatussen I work nit- = 1st person
ninipan I sleep ni- = 1st person
nuapamau I see it n- = 1st person
nitatussenan we work
tshitatussen you work tshit- = 2nd person
tshinipan you sleep tshi- = 2nd person
tshuapamau you see her/him tsh- = 2nd person
tshuapamitin I see you

Verbal prefixes in the independent mode sometimes appear as preverbs. Personal prefixes are similar on verbs and nouns. There are also corresponding emphatic personal pronouns.

  • When a verb begins with a vowel, an epenthetic -t- is inserted between the prefix and the verb or preverb: tshi+t+atussen. When the verb begins with u-, the i in the prefix is dropped: tsh(i)+uapamitin.

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