Ka-maushuishapanua. It is obvious that she has picked berries. / It seems that she has picked berries.

The Independent Indirect Past –Perceptive or Subjective (#08) is used to describe things that occur in dreams or visions and to describe events or actions that one figures out after the fact, without witnessing them directly (indirect knowledge). It is often characterized by the presence of the particle ka- in front of the verb.

Nika naikamuau nenua anushkana ka-maushuishapanua utakushit.
I will wash the raspberries which he obviously picked yesterday.
Miam esh ne ka-akushishapanua meshta-atussenanuniti.
He seems to get sick when (every time) there is a lot of work to do.

The speaker was not present when the raspberries were picked or to witness the person being sick. At the moment these phrases are spoken, the facts are such only in appearance, but they are then confirmed afterwards.